GSTQ's Unforgettable Debut at New York Fashion Week

Hundreds of shows, dozens of parties, countless celebrities and other A-listers all coming together to see what’s new in the fashion world, all taking place during the renowned New York Fashion Week. This year, among the other notable brands, a new player named GSTQ, made their fabulous debut. Created by powerhouse Dany Garcia, GSTQ, which stands for God Save The Queen, known as the British royal anthem, is a brand that is making its way into the ethos of the fashion universe and merited an invitation to this year’s fashion extravaganza..

 GSTQ at NYFW 2023

Being from Sucasunna, N.J, appearing in New York Fashion Week was obviously the realization of a dream for Garcia. If you wonder why a kid from NJ would name her brand GSTQ after a British anthem or mantra, it's because she perfected the tune of God Save The Queen while playing French horn in her high school orchestra. After learning the piece and its background, the GSTQ anthem became a bit of a mantra for young Garcia, meaning that no matter what, God was on her side and that a whole community could come together for one singular purpose. In the case of the anthem, to honor the queen.


Garcia’s goal was to create something different in the overcrowded clothing market and to fill a space that was missing between power dressing an athleisure. She wanted to duplicate what she had been creating on her own by mixing various fashions for the past several years as she worked as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s business partner and manager. Garcia aimed to create pieces that moved, wore well, and that a person could be comfortable in, yet still look professional in for 15 hours. As a bodybuilder and a professional Garrcia knew that the market didn’t have enough options for that desired combination of powerhouse athleisure. Her proposition for the brand’s launch was to build a universe based on mindset, for women looking to control their universe. Her ultimate goal being to create a luxe apparel brand that embodied “polished-to-performance”, bridging the gap between fashion and function.


The Dynamic Atmosphere

Offering an experience like no other to designers, celebrities, fashion editors and buyers from all over the world, Fashion Week began in the mid 1950s. By the 60s and 70s, this dynamic week played host to some influential designers like Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, Roy Halston and Oscar de la Renta, who changed the fashion world with their extraordinary influence. Of course, thereafter and through the years up until the present, many new fashion designers showcased their brands for the first time during New York Fashion Week, many taking off like Marc Jacobs’ debut in the 1987 show. New York Fashion Week is part of the “Big Four” events that are world-renowned for their influence on fashion, the other three being Paris, Milan and London fashion weeks.


The New York event underwent a rebranding of sorts and became officially known as the New York Fashion Week or NYFW in 2015. Interestingly enough, this week-long fashion event was once called Press Week and then “7th on Sixth”, referring to the location of the main shows located on 7th Avenue, along with the date in which it took place. This week-long soirée takes place biannually and has been showcasing the best the world has to offer in the fashion sphere for over 75 years in New York. Therefore, for any upcoming designer, or brand creator, like GSTQ, earning an invitation to this impactful event is a huge accomplishment.


All Eyes on the Runway

As the brand where ultimate luxury meets street wear, GSTQ was well-received by fashion experts, editors and admirers. The brand’s show was described as pieces that could be dressed professionally, as in a business meeting, but could also be dressed up for a night out. This brand, which has both women and mens line, is on a mission to cultivate community. Favorite looks during GSTQ’s presentation include the brand’s knit button down dress, wide-legged suits, along with the faux leather skirt, all of which exemplified the brand's passion for luxurious yet professional NYFW 2023 Styles.


When it comes to the men’s line, the printed bomber jackets and structured suits were noted and admired. After watching the presentation, guests were treated to Teremana cocktails, made with ultra-premium and responsibly-sourced tequila, margaritas and appetizers that gave everyone in attendance a welcome chance to mingle and enjoy the introduction of a new brand. This celebration took place at Scarpetta, an Italian eatery and upscale Madison Avenue restaurant, where attendees enjoyed an intimate dinner of candlelight and cocktails.


Introducing The New Men’s Fashion Line

In addition to the debut of GSTQ as a brand at New York Fashion Week, GSTQ also introduced their New York Fashion Week Men's Fashion along with their Women's Fashion NYFW line. The lines in general featured bold patterns, classic tailoring, modern materials and pops of color. One favorite example in the men’s is the sport coat, constructed of polyester and elastane. This sport coat, with 4-way stretch allows wearers to flex how they want throughout the day. The men’s line by GSTQ is known as the powerful everything wardrobe. It exists between the space of street wear and luxury.

 GSTQs Mens collection

The GSTQ collection is designed to give men the ability to enter any space with confidence and helps them feel good inside and out. Another notable feature of the collection is the tee shirt made to turn heads, the two-tone tee with logo on the sleeve and rib neck detail. This wears well with either the collection’s flex flat front pant or the all-track’s jogger.


Grand Reception

Attendees of GSTQ’s debut at NYFW gathered at the Scarpetta restaurant to celebrate GSTQ’s fabulous debut. Guests included notable names like Matthew Leonard Hoyle, Cass Dimicco, Aqua Parios, Olay Noel, Tessa Brooks, Clinton Moxam, Justin Livingston, Andrew Matarazzo, Yana Brononi, Severine Kelmig, Tiff Benson, Tyshon Lawrence, GSTQ CEO Kate Mayne, and many more.


Guests enjoyed a family-style Italian meal with crowd-pleasing dishes like roasted beet salad, raw yellowtail, truffle mushrooms, mouth-watering spaghetti, ricotta, cheesecake, Valrhona and more. Garcia welcomed the well-dressed guests and introduced her team to all the attendees. Overall, the GSTQ was received well and even considered an up-and-coming brand to watch by many fashion experts.


Shop the Look

Whether you want to embody New York Fashion Week Men’s Fashion or want to duplicate the looks that were a part of Women’s Fashion NYFW by GSTQ, you can successfully embrace these NYFW 2023 Styles by shopping the look. Here, you can shop all types of GSTQ clothing from two-tone shirts and blazers to pants, sweaters and polos. Make the look your own by wearing pieces of this line and personalizing it, making it as unique as you are.


It Was a Fabulous Debut

GSTQ’s first foray into the New York Fashion Week is just the beginning of an amazing journey to bring professional and athleisure together uniquely. The brand that has broken the mold on creating professional looks with movement and comfort isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as they continue to come up with innovative ways to change the scope of professional attire through patterns, sustainable fabric, quality, comfort and more, amplifying every persona’s power and helping each person stand in their extraordinary presence.