Mastering Men's Fashion: Styling Bomber Jackets for Every Occasion

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Quilted Bomber Jacket

A favorite is our quilted bomber jacket. Made of 100% recycled polyester and featuring elevated chevron quilting, this jacket is both modern and timeless.

Unsure how to style a bomber jacket for your lifestyle? Browse this guide for ways to incorporate this closet essential into all your outfits.

How to Style a Bomber Jacket With Athleisure

Bomber jackets (often lovingly known as bombers) have graced the silver screen since at least the 1960s. Before appearing in the movies, bombers made a name for themselves as part of military aviator uniforms.

Inspired by their sporty past, bomber jackets are the ideal final touch to your favorite athleisure outfits. Here are the items to reach for to create the perfect athletic base for your new bomber.


We always recommend starting with your shoes when creating an outfit idea. This tip is especially helpful for athleisure attire, with sneakers playing a big role in the style's history. Consider footwear like:

  • Athletic sneakers

  • Utility boots

  • Elevated slides

Focus on casual materials like mesh, nylon, and canvas in minimalistic neutrals for best results.


Athleisure bottoms should offer polished flexibility to go from the gym to the streets. These are the best choices for doing just that:

To avoid looking like a slob, avoid more affordable joggers, pants, and shorts. Go for minimalistic styles in elevated fabrics and custom-like cuts instead.


The athleisure top is meant to accentuate an athletic form. Consider options like the following to show off your gains and fit nicely beneath your bomber:

  • A slim-cut hoodie

  • A dry-fit tee

  • Fitted tank tops

For more magnetic dressing, avoid oversized or baggy tops for a less collegiate and more upscale aesthetic.


Accessories are optional with an athleisure outfit. If you do want to complement your look, use the following list as inspiration:

  • A sporty nylon gym bag or backpack

  • Weather-appropriate hats

  • Branded calf-length socks

Follow these tips for wearing your bomber with athleisure outfits, and you'll always look polished to perform, whether in the gym or at the airport.

How to Style a Bomber Jacket for Daily Wear

If you're like most people, the majority of your outfits must be suitable for day-to-day dog walks and post office runs. Luckily, your bomber is well-suited to this chic aesthetic.

Modern Quilted Bomber Jacket

Yes, bomber jackets can be dressed up and down, but they look most at home with casual daily looks. Below, find ways to put together a day-to-day look with your GSTQ bomber jacket.


Casual, on-the-go dressing requires an equally appropriate shoe. Top choices for casual day-to-day outfits include:

  • Fashion sneakers

  • Canvas loafers

  • Leather sandals

These footwear choices will make you look like you care about your appearance without venturing into stuffier territory.


Jeans are the go-to for casual outfits, but they are not the only option. Switch up your denim with different washes or other types of casual bottoms, such as:

  • Light wash, dark wash, or black jeans

  • Cotton cargo or straight-leg pocketless pants

  • Linen or cotton shorts

Avoid casual pants with rips, holes, fading, or torn hems. These items may have a place in a younger man's closet, but not yours.


Men with minimalistic and classic preferences can reach for fitted tops. If you consider yourself more fashion-forward, try a relaxed fit. Either way, here are some top styles to shop for:

  • A plain t-shirt

  • A distressed graphic tee

  • A casual knit

Go for heavier-weight fabrics when shopping for casual t-shirts. These items will last longer and hang better on the body.


Mimic the bomber's sporty, military-inspired vibes through your accessories. Some go-to options for daily wear include:

  • Aviator or Wayfarer sunglasses

  • A casual, unpolished leather belt

  • Sterling silver jewelry

A bomber is just what you need to elevate your casual Fall fashion style to new levels.

How to Style a Bomber Jacker With Business Casual Attire

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. So, your workwear wardrobe should take up a large chunk of your closet.

Luckily, your new bomber is a flexible dressing piece that can be included in this section of your closet. Here are the items to pair with your bomber jacket if you want to elevate it for business casual offices.


Choosing business casual footwear is easy. Classic options to incorporate into your work wardrobe include:

  • Leather loafers

  • Chelsea boots

  • Leather sneakers

Always check with your office dress code to ensure sneakers are acceptable. If not, top-siders may be another option to consider.


You're a busy professional, and you don't have time for fussy clothes. Keep morning dressing straightforward with these workwear essentials:

  • Chinos

  • Slacks

  • Khakis

Choose bottoms in breathable, high-quality fabrics like cotton and wool in the cooler months or linen in the summer.


Our collarless bomber makes pairing traditional business casual shirts simple. The following classic options will look great under your new favorite jacket:

If your office dress code allows it, a turtleneck or mock neck can be another smart choice for cooler workdays.


Accessories are the best way to add personality to your work uniform. Put the finishing touch on your business casual outfit with:

  • A simple black or brown leather belt with metal details

  • A black or charcoal twill necktie

  • An elevated metal watch that matches the metal details on your belt

With the help of the GSTQ bomber jacket, you can elevate your business casual outfits like never before.

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We hope this post has helped you learn how to style a bomber jacket for super casual, casual, and business casual looks. Now, it's your turn! Use our guide as inspiration to come up with bespoke outfits featuring our quilted bomber.

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