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Our Brand

GSTQ is a mindset. It’s a lifestyle that values vision, ambition, individuality, and moving through life in a way that reaches for more by making use of these ideals.

It’s realizing that every success, every failure, and every move you’ve ever made has led you toward the person you are now and every person you’ll become.

It’s understanding that your lowest point and your highest achievement are equally valuable and serve to move you in the direction only you can go.

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Our Collection

We design everyday luxury collections that merge presence with unlimited flexibility. Because living the lives you imagine begins with being ready for every opportunity.

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Our Founder

Dany Garcia lives many lives. She’s a chairwoman, film producer, founder, investor, athlete, philanthropist, wife, mentor, and mother. She creates worlds—especially her own.

A Cuban American woman, child of immigrants, and a leader in many male-dominated industries, Dany made opportunities of what others called differences.

Unable to find a wardrobe that served her athletic physique and entrepreneurial lifestyle, she created GSTQ to bring both flexibility and presence to her style, whether in transit, the boardroom, or beyond.

Our Founder