Materials Spotlight

Quality and comfort are at the heart of all
our materials. Learn more about what
goes into some of our favorite fabrics.


Soft Hand & Lightly Textured | Medium Weight | High Stretch

Introducing our luxurious Fadeaway fabric. This fabric boasts a soft and supple texture with a subtle sheen, providing a comfortable and elegant drape for easy movement. Breezy and cooling, with a silky smooth texture and stretchy composition, it conforms perfectly to the body.

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Fadeaway Pant in Neon Sole

Fadeaway Pant in White

Fadeaway Pant in Port

Fadeaway Pant in Black

Fadeaway Pant in Midnight

Fadeaway Racer Tank in White

Fadeaway Racer Tank in Neon Sole

Sheer Organza

No Stretch | Lightweight | Slick & Shiny

Experience the delicate beauty and luxurious texture of our sheer organza fabric. This lightweight material is known for its elegant, sheer appearance and fine, crisp texture. Its unique fabrication gives it a subtle, glossy sheen— adding a touch of glamour to our best selling Sheer Bomber Jacket.

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Sheer Bomber Jacket in White

Sheer Bomber Jacket in Royal Blue

Sheer Bomber Jacket in Port

Sheer Bomber Jacket in Black

Wool Blend Suiting

Medium Stretch | Medium Weight | Crisp & Structured

Command the room with the versatile performance of our wool blend suiting fabric. We know flexibility is everything— and you need a suit that feels as good as you look. With a refined and tailored appearance, our suiting is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and comfortable all day and all night.

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Luxe Suit Blazer in Neon Rouge

Luxe Tailored Vest in Black

Luxe Tailored Vest in Neon Rouge

Luxe Suit Blazer in Acid Lime

Luxe Suit Blazer in Black

Luxe Full Flare Trouser in Black

Luxe Full Flare Trouser in Neon Rouge

Luxe Tailored Vest in Acid Lime

Luxe Full Flare Trouser in Acid Lime