How to Mix and Match All Summer Long

Is your wardrobe ready for the new season? Summer is all about outdoor adventure, bright colors, and cool drinks. It's the best time of the year to have fun, especially with your outfits.

Head-To-Toe Dressing

From scorching workdays to refreshing beach trips, you want to dress in cool clothes. Your wardrobe must consist of sundresses, tank tops, shorts, and other summer pieces. The heat should never be an excuse to sacrifice your style!

Are you wondering how you can get an everyday luxury style this summer? We got you. This article contains our most well-kept secrets to mix and match your clothes to the next level.

Read on to discover how to compose everyday luxury outfits for this summer.

Create a Color Palette

Before picking out which pieces to mix and match, create a color palette specially curated for you. Skin undertones differ for each individual. Wearing clothing in colors that do not match your skin makes you look sick.

Start by figuring out if you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. You can take a skin color analysis test or browse the web for guides.

After identifying your skin's undertone, choose the colors that go with it. Browse the web for color palettes. Regardless of the undertone, you can find a list of colors that complement your skin.

Yellow, peach, and gold hues look best for people with a warm skin undertone. If your result is a cool tone, pink and blue will suit you best. For a neutral skin undertone, dusty pink, lagoon blue, and jade are some of the best summer colors you can wear.

Add at least two neutral colors to create balance in your palette. Wearing many colorful pieces in an outfit looks displeasing. In some cases, people find it distracting and straining to the eyes.

Mimic Mother Nature

Earthy, nature-inspired colors do not only include browns and greens. If you think about it, nature is full of striking flowers, coral reefs, and turquoise oceans. Take the beauty of nature to your everyday luxury wear.

Let's start with your work outfit. Instead of going all black, upgrade your suit to a fun color. Opt for a bright orange blazer over a white top or full olive green.

Are you going out for a run? Wear a bright floral pink workout fit for head-to-toe dressing. Wearing a vibrant color can boost your mood and energy, especially on a hot day.

Although neutrals are good, bright colors bring fun to your summer outfit.

Keep It Light and Breezy

The US will have an average temperature of 71.9°F for the summer.
Stay nice and fresh by keeping your outfits light and breezy. Choose breathable fabrics and materials instead of body fit. Comfortable pieces are closet essentials in summer.

During this season, you cannot avoid feeling hot or getting sweaty. You need to wear fabrics that suit your body to keep it cool. Wearing body-fit pieces traps heat, which can ruin your natural temperature regulation.

For breathability and comfort, look for clothes using cotton, linen, or chambray fabric. They can keep your body cool throughout the summer heat. The best part is that these fabrics often come in different colors, making outfit mixing and matching easy.

For the ladies, a plain, linen maxi dress is a must. This is an easy-to-wear closet essential that's perfect for any event.

Wearing jewelry and using a belt make it apt for a formal event. If you plan to hang out with friends, you can wear a dress without the accessories for a casual look.

Florals and Prints

When mixing and matching pieces for summer, get creative and go bold.
A summer wardrobe is never complete without the florals and prints. With patterned pieces of clothing, you can boost your outfit. Learn to put them together to achieve an elevated look.

Try combining thick stripes and bright florals. The key to preventing these patterns from clashing is choosing the right colors and styles. One of the patterns must be in neutral color while the other is in vibrant color.

A thick, black-striped blouse and a bright floral skirt can make sense and look polished to perform. When it comes to prints, your options are limitless. However, never forget to create balance in your outfit.

Mix Casual and Chic Aesthetic

Aside from bright colors, people often dress in casual clothing in summer. However, you can show off a casual-chic aesthetic by mixing and matching your clothes.

A casual-chic style refers to a relaxed yet put-together way of dressing. It combines the elements of both styles, such as using comfortable fabrics with sophisticated pieces. This is a great way to make alternative outfits for formal events.

With a casual-chic outfit, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.
To dress in this style, opt for comfortable fabrics first. Next, look for easy-to-wear pieces that allow movement. Some examples are flowy tops and relaxed-fit trousers.

Add accessories to complete the outfit. You can choose a statement piece to complement the simple ones to elevate the fit. For footwear, you can go for flats, sandals, or sneakers.

For polished flexibility, a casual-chic style is best.

Layer It Up!

Did you know you can layer pieces of clothing in summer? Although it is hot on most days, changes in the weather can happen anytime. Layering can keep you warm from unexpected chills.

So, how do you layer your outfit for warm weather? Choose pieces you can wear and remove at any time with ease.

Some examples include linen jackets, unbuttoned, lightweight cardigans, and lightweight blazers. If the temperature rises, wrap the piece around your waist or throw it over your shoulder. Fill your wardrobe with on-the-go pieces.

Wearing Everyday Luxury in Summer

Bring everyday luxury wherever you go with a versatile, wearable, and comfortable wardrobe. Use this guide to mix and match your clothes in fashionable and summer-worthy ways. Do you need new clothes to complete your outfit?

At GSTQ, we bring you clothes that move with you. You can mix and match our pieces to achieve any desired look anywhere at any time. Contact us at GSTQ for your fashion queries!

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