Gift Ideas: A Guide to Choosing a Trendy Jacket for Her

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For those who do have a significant other, the pressure is on. With Christmas a mere few days away, finding the right gift could be a huge challenge. It doesn't have to be, though, because we have a suggestion.

You can never go wrong with a trendy jacket, but where do you find one? There are plenty of great jackets out there for women if you know where to shop and what to shop for. We'll go into more detail about finding the right jacket here.

Puffer Jackets

Comfort is the first rule of fashion. Attractiveness isn't worth suffering for. The good news is that you don't have to, because puffer jackets are in right now.

You might not have heard of puffer jackets, but you've almost certainly seen them. The term describes a jacket with large, puffy rolls filled with insulation. It's probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "puffy jacket."

Puffer jackets make great Christmas gifts, because Christmas occurs in the beginning of winter. You can still use the jacket for a few months after getting it.


Another great wintertime gift is a parka. Both the word and concept of a parka come from indigenous peoples of Siberia. Similar ideas have been used by other Arctic cultures.

Like puffer jackets, parkas are well-suited to freezing weather. They're longer than most jackets, so they cover a larger portion of the body. Parkas made by the Siberians are fur-lined, but most commercial parkas use synthetic fur.

Down or Wool

We rely on the natural world for many things, and one of them is materials to keep us warm. Two of the most common animal materials are down and wool. Which you opt for and whether you opt for any is a matter of personal preference.

Many people choose to avoid down because it's often a byproduct of the meat industry. That being said, birds do shed feathers naturally, and some companies do use shed down for their products.

Wool is a much less controversial option, because sheep aren't harmed to get it. Sheep don't shed their wool, but they do need to have it trimmed. Otherwise, they overheat. You could also opt for faux fur, fleece, or other synthetics.


If you get clothing for any woman in your life this year, try to get something with pockets. Pockets are an everyday luxury that guys take for granted. It's appalling how much women's clothing doesn't have pockets, and that's as frustrating as it sounds.

While most jackets do come with pockets, be careful. Companies have come up with as many ways to take away pockets as they have to add them.

Peacoats and Trench Coats

Peacoats and trench coats are technically two different types of coat, but they're very similar. The main difference is that peacoats are made from wool, while trench coats can be made from cotton or wool. Trench coats are also longer than peacoats, although both are long.

The difference is negligible from a practical standpoint. Both are thick, warm coats, which makes them a great choice for winter days. The biggest issue you'll have to deal with for these coats are choosing color and size.

These coats don't have a limited lifespan, either. You can wear a peacoat or trench coat year-round, as long as you can find an outfit to pair them with.


Leather is a popular material in winter, and for good reason. From cowboys to bikers to Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, everybody looks instantly cooler wearing a leather jacket.

A good leather jacket is a closet essential. It's warm, stylish, and can last a long time if properly cared for. While leather is a high-quality material, faux leather can be a great material for flexible dressing if you'd prefer to avoid genuine leather.

Keep in mind that leather jackets are best worn over layers. They're warm but not warm enough to stand up to the winter chill on their own.


Nothing says polished flexibility like a good blazer. It's the ultimate business casual garment that can be worn to the office or for a night on the town. Blazers are also warm enough to handle cold temperatures, although, much like leather jackets, they're best with layers.

These days, blazers go with pretty much everything. You can wear them with a shirt and jeans, a dress, sweater and skirt, or whatever. The only limitation is your imagination.

Shearling Coat

One of the current fashion trends is the Shearling coat. Shearling is a material we've been using for a long time. It's made from the skin of a sheep that's only been shorn once.

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Many people are opposed to animal products, but there are a few things to know. The first is that the meat and leather industries are intertwined. Whether you're buying down, leather, or shearling, the animal is getting slaughtered for meat, anyway.

With the exception of really high-end operations, most farms can't sustain themselves on leather alone, so they make the leather out of the animals they're already slaughtering for meat. The same is true for shearling.

The fur industry, however, is a very different story. We don't eat mink, fox, or chinchilla, so those animals are slaughtered entirely for their fur.

Shearling is a soft and long-lasting material that's easy to wear and wash. It can be a great choice if you're looking for trendy gifts.

The Best Trendy Jacket

Finding a nice trendy jacket makes the holidays much easier. We've discussed a few of the many types and features of women's jackets here, but there's a lot more to know about women's fashion.

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