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Environmental + Social impact

Impact for Better™

GSTQ values people and planet equally and has a responsibility to affect each in positive ways. That’s why we’ve created Impact for Better—an initiative comprised of three principles that will help us achieve our goals.

Optimizing Materials

Fashion has long relied on petroleum-based materials such as polyester and nylon, and our polished-to-perform designs utilize fabrics that lend stretch, form, and function. With this in mind, we must focus on how these materials are created as we work to reduce our environmental impact at a product level.

It’s our goal for the synthetic materials we use to be 100% recycled.

Ultimately, we intend to eliminate petroleum-based synthetics altogether. There are some exciting innovations on the horizon for stretch and performance fabrics, evolving from years of research. We look forward to them being accessible to emerging brands like us.

Innovating with Technology

We choose innovative business models and processes, including a partnership with Compare Ethics and the use of 3-D Clo.

Compare Ethics: This unique technology platform provides transparency through data-driven sustainable product verification. It enables us to accurately verify and communicate our impact by reviewing responsible products across 10 core environmental and social categories.

3-D Clo: This groundbreaking technology digitizes the design and sampling process, enabling us to translate flat sketches into virtual 3-D samples. By making clothing design revisions digitally—instead of using actual fabric that requires physical transportation—we are able to minimize waste across materials, production, shipping, and more.

Championing Equity

In order to ensure we’re contributing to crucial societal and environmental issues, we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet and Step Up Women’s Network.

1% for the Planet is an organization dedicated to supporting responsible businesses that give back to environmental nonprofits. This support helps enable GSTQ to pledge 1% of our annual sales directly to a global network of grassroots environmental initiatives that we carefully select.

Step Up Women’s Network is a nonprofit whose mission is to help empower girls living in under-resourced environments. GSTQ supports their efforts through funding, mentorship, and community-building opportunities.