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Meet the movers and makers who share that GSTQ DNA. “The women who are part of GSTQ’s launch campaign have this incredible strength expressed in so many different ways,” says GSTQ Founder Dany Garcia. “They impact the world around them and the people’s lives they touch by being individually themselves. These women represent dynamic growth and belief in self. And that’s what GSTQ is about."

Ilfenesh Hadera: As an actor, Ilfenesh effortlessly embodies both fan-favorite accessibility and serious artistry. Plus, her devoted Instagram followers can’t seem to get enough of her super-chic personal style and athletic prowess. She has acted in an impressive range of films and television series—from She’s Gotta Have It (she’s a frequent collaborator with Spike Lee) and Baywatch, to Deception and Billions. She’s currently starring with Forest Whitaker in the second season of Epix's crime drama television series, Godfather of Harlem. A Harlem resident herself, Ilfenesh is deeply committed to her local community, which includes the African Services Committee. Founded by her father, an Ethiopian refugee, the Harlem-based African Services Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting African immigrants, refugees, and asylees.

Danielle Kayembe: Danielle’s fascinating, multifaceted career defies any traditional definitions. As a female futurist, she is dedicated to empowering women in many realms, including business and social impact. Danielle is not only a serial entrepreneur herself, but her company, GreyFire, advises entities in both the public and private sectors on cutting-edge intiatives globally—everywhere from Silicon Valley to sub-Saharan Africa. Among her monumental list of inspiring accomplishments includes her white paper, “The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy,” which examines how women are the future of business and innovation. And if that weren’t enough, Danielle has even created Powerbase, which focuses on meditation designed specifically for women leaders.

“Who you are creates the power that impacts what you do.”


Aja: Aja has the innate passion and soul of an artist. A true polymath with insatiable curiosity, she not only has a background in natural medicine, but has been a model, actor, and producer. Her endeavors as a musical artist are born out of a deep knowledge of music history and a love for playing characters from various eras. All of that, combined with perhaps her most enviable gift: a gorgeous, powerful voice. 

“100 Years of Song” is the debut album from her musical persona, The Sound of Aja. A collaboration with her husband—a producer and creator of music and visuals for record, stage, advertising, and screen—the album was created during quarantine with musical talent from around the world. Their unique approach entailed selecting ten iconic songs to cover, one from each decade since the 1920s, including such memorable hits as “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and “Bang Bang.” The album’s contemporary finale? It closes with a new, original track by The Sound of Aja.