A Look at Our Latest Menswear Collection

They say that clothes can make a man. However, men typically do not feel as invested in clothes as women.

Men spend an average of $323 on clothing per year. Women spend 76% more on clothing than men.

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So, why do men not spend as much on a clothing collection as women do? The answer may be because a men's collection they have seen has failed to meet their needs or spark real interest.

What if that were to change? What if someone was listening and designed men's clothes with the help of some influential men?

That is what Dany Garcia did with GSTQ. So, what is the best menswear on this clothing line? Read on to find out.

Flat-Front Pants

One of the first pieces of clothing that is intended to be in this clothing line is flat-front pants.

When it comes to clothes, men are typically looking for something that not only feels good but also looks good. Well, these types of pants can do both for men.

The reason why they are so comfortable is that the material rests in the front of your pants near the zipper. That can allow you more room to breathe and not have to put your pants as high as pleated pants.

With flat-front pants, you can put these right on your hip. This allows you to feel like your pants are right where they belong plus additional benefits.

What are these benefits? The simple answer is that the pants look good.

These pants allow a man to put them right on their hip line. As a result, the pants can allow someone to have a slimmer appearance from the waist down. For someone that is in relatively healthy shape, they may be looking for clothes that show off these features.

So, men can kill two birds with one stone with these pants. They can be more comfortable in the front and improve their look with business attire.

Merino Wool Sweater

The next piece of clothing you can expect to see in this line is a merino wool sweater. For those that live in cold environments, this can be the perfect piece of clothing between style and comfort.

When it comes to comfort, these sweaters achieve the basic purpose of keeping someone warm when it is cold out. That is because wool is a thicker material used for clothing that can help keep your body heat inside of your sweater as long as it does not wear out.

On top of this, their merino wool sweaters tend to offer a business casual look for men. The casual part means you do not have to walk around with a shirt, tie, and suit jacket.

However, these sweaters offer men a step up from the casual winter look where it could look like you are just coming from the gym or your home. These sweaters show that you are willing to dress to impress without having to be blatant about it.

Reversible Nylon Jacket

Wool sweaters are not the only piece of clothing on this line that can help men when the weather turns bad. The sweater is great for business casual clothing in indoor facilities.

However, what about clothes that men can use when they have to face the elements? Well, the reversible nylon jacket can be perfect for this.

Let's say that men deal with rain or snow regularly where they live. Some people live in states that get nearly five feet of rain every year.

What they need is clothing that is waterproof and that will hold up over time when it comes to facing the rain and snow. Nylon can be perfect for this because the material is made for water to go right off of the material rather than sticking to it or sagging it.

That not only helps a man stay dry, but it can also help keep them warm. Men will not feel the rain and snow elements nearly as much, especially if they have a reversible nylon jacket that has a hood attached to it.

Like the other items above, it is also designed to help improve a man's appearance, so it can be another good piece of clothing for a slim fit.

Polo Shirts

Finally, men could simply want a polo shirt for a nice day. This can be anything from a day out on the golf course to taking a boat ride around a marina.

Whatever the case, polo shirts can offer men business casual attire that can keep them comfortable on a hot day.

What if they were to get zipper closures on top of this? That can offer men a lot more flexibility with how much they want to reveal around the chest. Also, zippers tend to be easier to use and appear smoother if they are used right.

To take that a step further, these polo shirts can even have stylish zipper pockets on them. That can allow men to keep small items such as keys secure.

See Our Clothing Collection

These are just a few pieces of our clothing collection that are going to be on the latest men's clothing line. No matter what season or outing you are going for, there should be something here for you.

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Whether you want to look good and feel good battling the elements, looking for indoor winter attire, want something light for a day out, and more, our men's clothing line has you covered.

Do you want to know more? Message us with your questions today.

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