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In Conversation: Dany Garcia on the state of Entrepreneurship
In Conversation: Dany Garcia on the state of Entrepreneurship
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“If brands want to create experiences we love, they should start getting to know what we need and want.”

There’s been a lot of talk about how millennials prioritize experiences over products. At Huge, we’ve found that preference isn’t age specific. In this year’s holiday gift roundup, there’s a pronounced desire in people of all ages to see, learn, and create new things. A couple of other themes emerged — a growing respect for the environment in the face of potentially catastrophic climate change and, of course, an appreciation of great design that endures generations.

As in years past, we hope our agency-sourced guide helps you find a gift that sparks a connection with others, whether that’s piecing together a puzzle, playing a game of chess, or going for a hike in a national park. We wish you all the best this holiday season, in the year ahead, and beyond.